My next couple of days are focused on JuBriCoSa performances.  I have some solos and this one makes me think about my friends in Johnson City. Difficult day.

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For my Jubricosa friends

My family shot our entire event on Saturday night and I posted it here.  I Hope you enjoy watching our 6 weeks of hard work as much as I do!!!

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Happy Birthday Taylor!

Happy Birthday Taylor Scout Smith!! Thank you, you have changed our future!

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Bright Stars Face Off – Youth Talent Competition

Thank you everyone for your support for suicide awareness and for cheering me on at this event.  I was surrounded by such talented people, and I made some great friends!

Thank you Ms Patti Calhoun, Ms Zimmerman, and to all of the organizers and judges.  I will NEVER forget this experience.

Please support suicide prevention and awareness locally by making a small donation to the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation

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Anthem for Omro Youth Wrestling Tournament

Omro High School was a busy place today as the Foxes hosted a huge, area Youth Wrestling tournament. Thank you Ms Crowley for inviting me to kick off this event!

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Indian Serenade

This is a piece inspired by my coach Mr. Weddig. I very much enjoy playing it for you.

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The Bonny Lighter Boy – My first solo ensemble

Thank you to everyone who cheered me on today – most especially Mr. Weddig who prepared me for this event!

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Taylor Scout Smith Memorial Service

My dear friend who I never met–now in the hands of God. RIP Taylor.

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My Happy Birthday (I’m 12)

Happy birthday to me!  I love my friends.  We had so much fun!!

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Oma rhyming with my fingers

We have been watching a lot of family videos.  I really miss my Oma.

This one’s the thumb, (Wiggle child’s thumb)This one shakes the plums, (Wiggle index finger)This one picks them up, (Wiggle middle finger)This one takes them home, (Wiggle ring finger)And little Wuzi Wuzi (Wiggle little finger)Eats them all up! (run your fingers up child’s arm and end with a tickle)

Das ist der Daumen,der schüttelt die Pflaumen, der hebt sie auf, der bringt sie nach Haus, und der kleine Wuzi Wuziiβt sie alle auf!

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