Flashback Friday – Speckled Frog song in fourth grade

This seemed like a good idea but I almost got in trouble for spraying the kids with water in the gym. Listen to how much fun everybody had! But the janitor was sooo mad.

speckled frog song

Me and my friends performing the speckled frog song

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Hawaiian Luau at Lakeshore Manor

We all had a great time celebrating at Lakeshore Manor!  Thank you Ms Sarah for inviting me.

Tiny Bubbles

Hawaiian Luau

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Visit with the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother

I had the fortunate experience to sing and play at the Franciscan Courts in Oshkosh, for the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother. We all had a great time together. Thank you Sister Dorothy Anne and Irene for pulling this all together. A big hug to all of the Sisters and staff (and Grandma and Rena) who joined me to celebrate the day.  Below is a short version video of our time together!

Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother

Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother

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Malaysian Airplane Crashes

To the victims and families involved in all the Malaysian airplane crashes, God Bless You ALL!

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Real Men Wear Pink

If there was ever a charity that completely warmed the hearts of me and my family, it was this one because my friend Rena can really use some help.  This team of awesome volunteers heard our plea and took note of one of the kindest, most caring and giving women that you might ever meet.  Rena has had some tough luck this past year but all THAT is behind us now.  And the organizers and volunteers of Real Men Wear Pink stepped up to help her. Our biggest “Thank you” goes out to all the participants of this charitable organization.  –You answered my prayers.  Love Franki Jo.

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Franciscan Courts – Franki Concert

Today I met the lovely Sisters of Franciscan Courts.  They invited me to a fire, hot dogs/treats, and fireworks!  Our meet-&-greet set the mood for my concert that I will perform there on July 31st. Thank you Sisters for all your kindness.  I’ll see you in a few weeks.

Composite Connie

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Singing in the Snake Pit

It was a beautiful evening for baseball (until it started pouring in the 6th). But I got to show off my friends from the Daugherty-Hamilton American Legion Post 234. It was a really fun night of family, food, and BASEBALL! After I sang, there was a flyby to celebrate our great veterans of our country.

Thank you Timber Rattlers!

Thank you Timber Rattlers!


Thank you Veterans!

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Anthem at High Ground Veterans Memorial Park

I had the greatest day traveling with my friends from Post 234 and everyone who joined us to respect those who made this country great. Separately, they served me the best sandwiches that I have ever eaten! — Thank you!

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Softball Pitching Tips

Here are the things I think about when I pitch. I hope that this might help somebody who wants to pitch!

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Letters to Heaven

I enjoy writing letters to Heaven; talking about personal things going on in my life. I have decided to share my latest letter I had written about my Mom’s cousin, Shirley. She has asked for my prayers to my Guardian Angels to help her sick son, and husband. This post is dedicated to Shirley, and I just hope her husband and son heal soon!!! Here is the letter I wrote:

Dear God,

This letter is written to all of my Guardian Angels. Please have them all read this! Thank you!

Hello everyone, this is Franki! My mom’s cousin, Shirley, has a BIG problem. Her husband is sick… so is her son. But, this is no ordinary kind of sick…

She asked me for some help. Specifically, she wants YOU to help…, and she promised to give you back when she’s finished.
It scares me a little to think I am giving you away, but I trust that you’ll still be taking care of me!!!

Please, do your best to answer her prayers, because I don’t know all of the details; which are probably very complicated…
Thank you for listening! I love you dearly,

Franki J. Sakschek

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