Lourdes Anthem

Thank you Mr. Wopat and Mr. Tyriver for picking me to perform tonight. Big hugs to you and the team! I am sooo excited that we WON tonight and that I could inspire people to appreciate our cause!!

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Now We are Free

It’s hard to believe that I recorded this when I was 11. I still think that it is appropriate with all of the scary things going on in the world. From one day to the next, you don’t where on the globe a disaster will occur. We have to stand strong and keep the faith.

This is one of my favorite songs from the movie Gladiator. Let me know if you like it and I just might re-record it with my own music. My keyboard won’t be as moving but heck, my voice is 14 now. ūüôā

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Afternoon at the Omro Care Center

Thank you everyone for being so kind to me today. I had so much fun. Please don’t hesitate to call me back. Luv, Franki

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Helping to inspire MMC patients and staff

This was an awesome day at Mercy Medical Center. Thank you Ms Brownson for allowing me to play to the patients and staff. And happy 125th anniversary of healing!

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Play hard (especially with school starting soon)

I don’t talk¬†much about the fun I have “playing” because I usually don’t take photos or video of me doing that. ¬†However, I just started taking pictures with a Polaroid camera and will post some fun shots. ¬†AND, thanks to my friend Addie and her dad, here is a video of us playing on the lake on a beautiful afternoon in Oshkosh.

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Honored to sing for our true heroes

I am waiting for photos from the 388th Bomber Association (2016) banquet, but this picture (2015) captures¬†the REAL¬†heroes (I learned that they don’t care for the word “original”) who contributed to the freedoms that we appreciate today. ¬†I was blessed to sing the Anthem at their reunion in Oshkosh on Saturday evening. ¬†Meeting them¬†so inspired me, and I continue to pray that I can inspire others¬†to honor those who¬†serve our country. ¬†Thank you for your great service, 388th bombers.

388th Bomber Heroes


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Hello RIPON Wisconsin!

Art Walk in Ripon

Art Walk in Ripon

I was so¬†humbled by the reaction of the people who walked down to listen to me on August 5th in Ripon. ¬†This was my first performance there and I can’t wait to go¬†back!

YOU are soooo KIND!

YOU are soooo KIND!













I found this note rolled up in my tip jar from an anonymous fan. ¬†How kind is this person!?! ¬†I won’t say how much this kind soul tipped me but it is the most that I’ve EVER received. ¬†God bless–it went straight into my college fund. ¬†Thank you!

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Lourdes’ Softball

Love my Lourdes’ pals. ¬†This video was shot shortly after I transferred to Lourdes last year and was surprised to be so welcomed on to the girls softball team. ¬†Pinch me!

This season (2016) we were UNDEFEATED conference champions!

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Inspiration Celebration at the Music Festival

I’m excited to meet EAA members from around the world tomorrow. ¬†Come join in my Inspiration Celebration at the Oshkosh Music Festival. ¬†I’ll be performing at the sundial in the Opera House Square on Main Street at 10AM till ? ¬†C U there.

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Miss Wisconsin Pageant

Unbelievable night for me thanks to the Miss USA pageant organization.

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