Talent Showcase for Kiwanis

I had the best time raising money for Oshkosh’s Mid-Morning Kiwanis through their talent showcase. Thank you everyone for supporting me.

Bill Jartz

Exchanging Autographs







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My cousins, aunts & uncles fool Gma & Gpa

For their 50th anniversary, we faked a piano recital at the Grand Opera House. We had so much fun. Happy anniversary grandma and grandpa!!!!!! And thank you Grand Opera House Gretchen Weddig for letting us kids sit in the dark and telling us all those great ghost stories–you had me so scared!

Mom's memories

Mommy talking about growing up







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Anniversary of Taylor Scout Smith’s Passing

This very special friend of mind died Jan 5/2014… and she deserves bright lights shining on her in this universe. I know that she has them for sure. To honor Taylor Scout Smith I recorded this in March, just 1 day before her 13th birthday.

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I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus!

I performed today with Mr. Weddig at a Christmas luncheon at St. Jude in Oshkosh.  –Great food and great company!

St. Jude Oshkosh 2014

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus







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Bring Your Franki to Work Day

Thank you everyone at The Avenue for the greatest learning experience. I will remember this day forever!

Best Day

Thank you Mr. Steve!







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Veterans Day Celebration in Omro

Thank you everyone who made today’s celebration a huge success! — Mr. Jones, Ms. Tracy Miller, Ms. Ewing, Ms. Franske, Ms. Fisher, Mr. Dave Lemieux and everyone from Post 234. God bless Veterans!!!

Happy Veterans Day!!

So proud of YOU!







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Let Me Take a Selfie – Halloween 2014

Everyone jumped into my costume!!!!!  I guess I took a good selfie. … Let me take another selfie.

Let me take a selfie

I guess I took a good selfie







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Whole New World

I had so much fun as Princess Jasmine. Thank you Mr. Hart and everyone who helped make this night possible!

My family

I get so much support from my sister and my mom and dad.







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Daugherty-Hamilton Post 234 Banquet

It was a GREAT Saturday evening with a family-style dinner and entertainment organized by our Omro American Legion Post 234. I spent the evening with some of the nicest people I know. –Thank you everyone for all of your kind comments that you shared with me.  Mostly thank you  veterans for serving our great country.

Luv, Franki

God bless the men and women who serve our great nation

Omro Veteran’s Memorial

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hi everyone!  Please share these instructions to promote breast cancer awareness.  This shows how to paint your finger nails with the breast cancer ribbon to support people like my friend Rena. Rena will very much appreciate this if you share it.  Rena is a cancer survivor!!!   Painting your nails with this pink ribbon is so easy and will mean so much to so many people.  Luv, FrankiCancer Ribbon on My Nails

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