Net Promoters

This is the second commercial I made for my dad’s company.









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Singing the National Anthem for Miss Wisconsin pageant

I was so thrilled to root for MeKenzie Lund tonight! I got to sing for her at the preliminary contest. We are all cheering you on MeKenzie!

Love, Franki

Charm, smarts, and Kindness

Biggest Oshkosh Icon






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My Opa learning the English language

My Opa came to America in 1952 and taught himself the English language. After he died, we found some old tapes that were recorded over with polka music. To our delight, on one tape we can faintly hear him.  Listen.  When we cleaned out his home, we found the book that he was studying from. He was an amazing man.  Find him here on my inspiration page.







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Memorial Day parade in Oshkosh

This is the first parade that I’ve marched with an instrument. God bless ALL of our veterans!

Great "feel good" day for me!!

Great “feel good” day for me!!







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Steve March-Tormé learning to pitch

Steve March-Tormé at my house learning to pitch fast pitch softball. It was such a great day.

My best student

Learning to pitch







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Seventh grade Lourdes band concert

This is my first Lourdes band concert! I have a great team to play with.

Listen to us! We are GREAT!

Listen to us! We are GREAT!







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Style Show with my family and best friends

Teaming up with my friends, my big Sis blinged us out with makeup to shine in the Oshkosh CP style show this year. We had so much fun!! Thanks mom for getting this all setup. Love Franki

Great Night with my big Sis, Mom and best friends

Great Night with my big Sis, Mom and best friends






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Quality commercial for dad

My dad works for Nilfisk. I helped make this commercial on their focus on quality.









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GOD watching my Team

Coach Jim said the MOST excellent prayer before our game today.


I can’t say enough about these girls.

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Mom’s Birthday

Dad and I scrambled today to surprise mom.

Happy Birthday








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