Raising Funds For Airing PSA to Fight Teen Suicide

The Franki Moscato Foundation is currently engaged in a project to create a Television and Radio-broadcasted Public Service Announcement (PSA) to deglamorize and highlight the grievous realities of teen suicide.  The deliverable is a professionally-produced video that will be ready for media broadcasting on May 8th, 2021.

As you can appreciate, the costs of airing Television and Radio ads are expensive.  Teen suicide is an epidemic that has no boundaries.  It does NOT care about income, gender, race, age — suicide has no rules, limits or guidelines.  To that extent, we need people to absorb this PSA while viewing and listening to as many media stations, channels, and platforms that we can afford.  We need your kind support.

Through divine intervention, a kind family man and Christian has stepped up to offer his assistance.  His name is Justin Schmick.  Justin and his wife, Danielle have three children:  Harper (8), Theodore (6), and Penelope (3).

Justin Schmick has accepted a very “unique” challenge.  I am officially calling it my “Franki Moscato Foundation Monkey Tail Beard Challenge”.  Oh?  You’ve never heard of a Monkey Tail Beard??  This is what it looks like:

This is what a Monkey Tail shave looks like.

But more importantly, this concerns raising money to buy media time to air our public service announcement that will be ready on May 8th.  –100% of your kind donations will go toward fighting teen suicide.  Here are the rules:

Rules: If we receive $5,000 in donations, Justin Schmick from the Omro Common Council will Shave a Monkey Tail Beard on his face on May 8, 2021.  He will keep it on ONE DAY for EACH additional $1,000 raised.  It’s THAT simple!

If you prefer to make a donation using Facebook, click HERE

I don’t know about you, but I’m stoked to record Justin Schmick in public with a nice, clean Monkey Tail Shave, and catching the looks on people’s faces.  I’ll keep you posted each day on how we’re doing with this challenge using the progress monitor below.

Monkey Tail Beard

If you prefer to make a donation using Facebook, click HERE