Franki Moscato

Franki Moscato (born January 26,2002) is an American singer/songwriter and actress.  At 15 years old, she performs solo concerts with only her mic and keyboard, and leaves her audiences thunderstruck. Her vocals move people of all ages with a creative mix of brilliantly-composed oldies and inspirational selections.  People melt to her kindness and professional poise as she belts out legendary numbers from Dean Martin, Michael Jackson, Adele, Whitney Houston, The Righteous Brothers, Johnny Cash, The Eagles, Billy Joel, and many other renowned artists. Moscato’s career dates back to grade school when she first polished her artistry and shook her (Omro) school district with heartrending pieces that honored war veterans and their families. At 11 years old she sang the national Anthem for the Green Bay Packers while the community stood proud in support of her state-recognized patriotism. Moscato went on to sing for Governor Walker, and was twice invited to open Miss Wisconsin Pageants. In that mix, she won the valley’s biggest charity talent contest—Bright Stars Face Off. She has been cast in a number of films including an educational human trafficking collection that will soon be shared with students in schools across the country. Most recently Moscato starred in a music film that centers on a song she composed and sings about her own experience of being bullied. In July of 2017, the film won Best Music Video at the London Independent Film Awards. You can find her performing at many private and public gatherings around the state. To learn more about Wisconsin’s teen icon, download her app “FrankiJo”.


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Franki Moscato