Books for Suffering Teens

For younger people and their families, here are three (3) excellent books according to Dr. Paul G. Qinnett, an author and 40+ year expert on counseling patients with mental illness:

  1. When Nothing Matters Anymore: A Survival Guide for Depressed Teens–by Bev Cobain.
  2. Help Me, I’m Sad: Recognizing, Treating and Preventing Childhood Depression–by David Fassler.
  3. No One Saw My Pain: Why Teens Kill Themselves–by Andrew Slabby.

For adults and their families, Dr. Qinnet recommends these four (4) books:

  1. Choosing to Live–by Tom Ellis and Cory Newman.  (“A science-based, self-help approach for the suicidal person to understand the source of the thinking and feelings that lead to suicidal planning, as well as a specific, step-by-step approach for recovery.”)
  2. Darkness Visible–by William Styron. (“A sympathetic, highly readable understanding of what it feels like to be suicidally depressed.”)
  3. When Going Through Hell, Don’t Stop–by David Block.  (“A newer and highly informative book devoted to helping the reader understand suicidal pain and how to combat it.”)
  4. Night Falls Fast–by Kay Redfield Jamison.  (“A perfect blend of good writing, science, and depth of information about suicide.”)