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Franki Moscato Me Myself and I

This CD was recorded in a professional studio in Appleton called Studio H by audio producer and digital sound expert, Tony Anders.  Two of the best Wisconsin musicians joined me.  Please read the feedback below from the kind gentleman who invited me to sing for the HUGE Packers benefit in Green Bay.  (I am pretty sure there is a video of that on my site.)

I just returned home from a wonderful time at the concert tonight and the blessing of listening to Franki’s new CD, Me, Myself and I all the way home.  First of all – Wow!.  I love the song choices and of course her performance is incredible as well as those accompanying her.  Very professional.  Here are a couple of my impressions.

First, the entire CD is an anthem to victory in life.  The definition of anthem is a rousing or uplifting song identified with a particular group, body, or cause.  In this case, she has chosen 10 songs that all contribute to this anthem.  Franki’s cause is no doubt directed to encouraging those victims of bullying and each song brings a positive perspective, hope, peace and encouragement to heal, overcome and gain personal victory.  I can see why these songs mean so much to her.

Second, the song choices and Franki’s passion for singing each of them is therapeutic for the listener especially those that are struggling with peers or simply lacking hope.  I would almost treat it like a prescription for those that are recovering from day to day life struggles and especially bullying.  It is simply encouraging, uplifting, positive and inspiring.  I can see young people listening to the CD in their rooms or streaming on their phones and just being uplifted. It reminds me of the beauty that can come from really challenging circumstances as she turns her challenging circumstances into a place of healing for others.

Third, I love the faith filled songs she included, in particular Oceans is supreme and lifts the listener beyond their own situation and to a heavenly encounter which we all need on a daily basis.  Her range is incredible for this song.

In conclusion, I feel and think Franki has a burgeoning mission and this album really sets the stage for her to bring healing and as she says in her song “save lives”.  I could see her visiting middle schools and high schools and sharing her testimony with school age children.  I know of one very prominent ministry that if you have not already been introduced, I would be happy to connect you with them.  Life Promotions visits schools all over the country and in the state of Wisconsin with an anti bullying message and I could see Franki accompanying any of their speakers locally including Bob Lenz when he speaks to audiences and sharing her songs.  He also invites hundreds of Kids to evening venues where he is able to have a more spiritual message and go right to their hearts to bring healing from abuse and God’s love.  I could not imagine a  more purposeful venue to combine Franki’s passion and bring hope to other young people while promoting her CD.

God bless,

John Solberg

Franki Moscato