Basketball Practice Today!!

hoops logoWe met Coach Heintz today (spelled like the ketchup but with a “t”) and I learned so much.
We did drills (z dribble, shooting, layups, passing), and played games.  Coach Heintz is the greatest and he coaches the varsity team! He made our first practice so much fun.

Here are some pointers that Coach taught us:

  • Dribbling: I keep the ball below my hips (less time to knock it away).
  • Layups: 45 degree angle
  • Shooting: My hand is behind the ball. I square my shoulders to the hoop. My elbow is 90 degrees. My feet are shoulder width apart. My follow through is like my hand reaching for the cookie jar.
  • Chest pass: I step to the person I’m passing to and end with my thumbs down.
  • Bounce pass: Try to bounce it a little bit more than half way.
  • Catching: As important as passing.
  • Defense: I stand in an athletic stance. If I’m 1 pass away, I go between the 2 people. If I’m 2 passes away, I go to the paint. Box out means to stop the person from getting to the ball.
  • Post: The area under the basket (where the post used to be).

Time to go to bed.  1,2,3 Foxes!

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