Oma rhyming with my fingers

We have been watching a lot of family videos.  I really miss my Oma.

This one’s the thumb, (Wiggle child’s thumb)This one shakes the plums, (Wiggle index finger)This one picks them up, (Wiggle middle finger)This one takes them home, (Wiggle ring finger)And little Wuzi Wuzi (Wiggle little finger)Eats them all up! (run your fingers up child’s arm and end with a tickle)

Das ist der Daumen,der schüttelt die Pflaumen, der hebt sie auf, der bringt sie nach Haus, und der kleine Wuzi Wuziiβt sie alle auf!

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I would say that I'm best known as “that Oshkosh girl who sings around the state.” The question I most often get is, "how old are you?" --I'm 19. While I perform at many public and private events around Wisconsin, Packers’ fans first got to know me when I sang our Anthem at Lambeau Field when I was 11. I love acting and have been doing it since I can remember. I have been cast in several films and award-winning music videos. You can find my activities here or on Facebook and Instagram. It would please me for you to attend one of my performances--invite your family! I can never have enough friends, so please register to my website and email me any time!
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2 Responses to Oma rhyming with my fingers

  1. Ann says:

    OMG! I remember this Princess costume! We went trick-or-treating with you and Miranda on Main St this year. You were SOOOOO adorable that everyone was looking and commenting! Your Mom & Dad were so proud — me too! You’re still adorable, and growing into a lovely Princess! Happy Birthday Franki!!!

  2. You have a beatiful voice you will be a star someday

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