American Idol

Hey everybody!  This month has been so humbling.  I have recently been chosen to audition on the show American Idol.  Make sure to watch my audition in March of 2019 on ABC.

Franki Moscato

Franki Moscato

Franki Moscato

About Franki Jo

I would say that I'm best known as “that Oshkosh girl who sings around the state.” The question I most often get is, "how old are you?" --I'm 19. While I perform at many public and private events around Wisconsin, Packers’ fans first got to know me when I sang our Anthem at Lambeau Field when I was 11. I love acting and have been doing it since I can remember. I have been cast in several films and award-winning music videos. You can find my activities here or on Facebook and Instagram. It would please me for you to attend one of my performances--invite your family! I can never have enough friends, so please register to my website and email me any time!
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11 Responses to American Idol

  1. Beth A Stanton says:

    So excited to see you tonight on American Idol! Counting down the hours. All blessings to you Franki!

  2. Momma Dawn says:

    Your heart for people and your foundation of faith make you such an inspirational young person! Keep setting such an amazing example and know you are being covered in prayer by me:$

    • Franki Moscato Franki Jo says:

      Thank you Ms. Dawn, you are too kind. I appreciate your “cover”–I can always use that. Let me know how I might help you back. Hugs, Franki

  3. Sofia Kainz says:

    I wasn’t able to see the first episode and I was wondering if I missed your performance. I hope to see other episodes in case you weren’t on this first one and to see you move forwards. Good luck!

  4. I go to Connections academy too! Mrs. Starattan told me that u were on American Idol. YOU ROCK SISTER!

  5. Denise Koch says:

    The auditions are over and I didn’t see you. Did I miss you? I was sure I watched every minute of Idol. I’ m so excited for you! I met you when my mother was next door to your Grandpa at Parkview. She now resides in your Grandpa’s room. Wishing you continued success Franki.

  6. Jan Adams says:

    We were very disappointed American Idol did not air Franki’s audition though we are very happy she got the golden ticket to Hollywood!

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