My Giant Probability Die

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My awesome math teacher, Ms. Mikkelson, is letting my class have a probability carnival! We can group up, and make a fun game, like spinning a wheel, and winning candy, or just rolling a die. My friends and I thought of the coolest idea; a giant 12 sided die! My dad and I always make cool things together, so I made it with him. It is made out of foam. There are 6 sides with a piranha on them, which means, you loose! There are 2 sides with question marks on them, which means we would have to ask a probability question. There is a heart, a spade, a clover, and a diamond on different sides. The heart and the diamond mean you win a piece of candy, the spade means roll again, and the clover means you can take a risk of winning 2 candies, if you lose that risk, you lose all your candy, but if you choose to not take the risk, you win one piece of candy!


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