Tonsils Be Gone

I got my tonsils out on November 5th 2012, because I had too much strep throat  in one year!  I was so excited to get them removed, until they got removed.  I was out that day.  All I did was sleep on our couch.  I had to drink, and take a lot of medicine.  Tip:  Don’t get your tonsils removed after the age of ten up.  I heard from a lot of people that experienced it.  It took weeks for them to swallow normally again.  Luckily I was ten when I got them removed.  It took me about six to seven weeks to recover.

About Franki Jo

I would say that I'm best known as “that Oshkosh girl who sings around the state.” The question I most often get is, "how old are you?" --I'm 19. While I perform at many public and private events around Wisconsin, Packers’ fans first got to know me when I sang our Anthem at Lambeau Field when I was 11. I love acting and have been doing it since I can remember. I have been cast in several films and award-winning music videos. You can find my activities here or on Facebook and Instagram. It would please me for you to attend one of my performances--invite your family! I can never have enough friends, so please register to my website and email me any time!
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